The Politics Game

No, I do not think that politics is a game. It is serious business and should be approached as such. However there is a political party in this country that does think it is a game: A game to be won or lost.

The election process is to choose the person best suited to do the job. The primary process is to choose the best person to lead in each political party. Then the best people from each party go up against each other in the general election. That is how our elections are supposed to work. Americans want the best person the political process can churn out to lead this nation. This is how the Democrats pick their nominees. Not so for the Republicans.

Ironically, up until this year the Republican Party leadership picked the Republican nominee by cutting off the funds for whichever candidates they wanted out of the race. Now, thanks to Citizens United, pushed by the Republicans and Conservatives, they no longer have the power to cut off someone’s funds since they no longer get their money from the Republican Party. This year each Republican candidate has his own pet billionaire. This is a billionaire that is basically financing a person’s candidacy. For Rick Santorum it is Foster Friess, Newt Gingrich has Sheldon Adelson, and Mitt Romney has Ken Griffin. (Ken Griffin believes that the super-rich have an insufficient influence on politics and policy. What? They are the ONLY ones who have any influence over American policy. Thanks to intense lobbying and hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the super-rich on politicians and political parties, this entire country is set up for the rich. They are the ONLY ones in this country benefitting from fiscal policy, economic policy, foreign policy, domestic policy, etc. right now.).
Billionaire Romney Backer: The Ultra-wealthy Have An ‘Insufficient Influence’ Over Politics

So, the Republicans approach politics as a game. What is the purpose of a game? To win. How do we know this? Because they have told us over and over again in several different ways. Mitch McConnell told us back in October of last year: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president. He didn’t stop there, though. He has said the same thing on many different occasions. McConnell’s Cheerful Cynicism

Now the leadership of the Republican Party and the rank and file Republicans are casting their votes in this primary for whomever they think can beat Barack Obama. Many different Republicans have said that they need to nominate someone who can beat President Obama. Not who would be best for the country. Nope, all they want is someone who can beat President Obama.

This is just one more example out of the dozens there are that the Republicans do not care about this country. In fact it is hard to figure out what it is that they care about, are for and are good at. Let’s see if we can figure that out.

The Republican are against contraception. Just look at the current contraception debate

The Republicans are against immigration. Look at the “paper’s please” law in Arizona

The Republicans are against education. The want to defund all public education

The Republicans are against science. The don’t believe in global warming and they don’t believe in evolution

The Republicans are against minorities.

The Republicans are against women’s rights; which essentially means they are against women. Again, look at the current contraceptive debate.

The Republicans are against a women’s right to choose, (see above)

The Republicans are against gays.

The Republicans don’t care about the environment if there is money to be made by destroying it.

The Republicans say they are fiscal conservatives and are the only party who can handle the economy. Not true. There is empirical evidence that it is the Democrats who spend less and do better with the economy. The economic meltdown of 2008 was a direct result of Republican economic policies, just as the Great Depression was also caused by Republican policies. (The old “give all the money to the rich” game they are STILL playing and have been since 1854).

As this chart shows, EVERYONE does better financially under Democrats

The Republicans say that the Democrats are not any good at foreign policy and the defense of this nation. Also not true. The two biggest foreign policy blunders in memory, and possibly ever, were Iraq and Afghanistan: A Republican was responsible for that. Who got Osama bin Laden? A Democrat.

The Republicans are for transferring massive amounts of wealth from the poor and the middle class to the richest people in this country by cutting the super-rich’s taxes and paying for those tax cuts by defunding and getting rid of domestic programs for the poor and middle class.

The Republicans are for getting rid of our social safety net. They would like nothing better than to hand Medicare over to private insurance companies, and hand Social Security over to Wall Street. (They have been trying for decades to get that done).

The Republicans are for war: As many wars as possible. They want there to be never-ending war for their defense contractor buddies.

So. What did we learn here? The Republicans are for the 1% and are for never-ending war and against everything else.

The Republicans do not care about the American people unless they need them for something. The Republicans are bad at everything except starting illegal and unnecessary wars and taking money away from the poor and middle class and giving it to the super-rich. And the Democrats are better at everything else.

Well, then why should you vote for a Republican this November? They are bad at everything they do. Well, there are two reasons for voting for a Republican. You are part of the 1% or you are racist, misogynistic, and a religious bigot. There is absolutely no other reason whatsoever to vote for a Republican this fall. In fact, if you care about this country at all, you will not vote for a Republican.

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