Climate change deniers

Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park, USA.

Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park, USA.

It is time to get real about climate change. We no longer have the time to be dancing around the issue or giving deference to stupidity. The climate is changing, the planet is warming and mankind is contributing to it. That is settled science. The sunrise is in the east, the sunset is in the west, the earth is round and our climate is changing due to human activity over the past 100 + years: All scientific facts.

With the reelection of Netanyahu; Israelis give the middle finger to America *Updated

netanyahuPut someone under enough stress and they will tell you the truth. This is how police interrogations are conducted. Put someone in a small room, deprive them of outside contact, and make sure they understand that this interrogation may be never-ending. Some people will then crack and confess to whatever crime they have been accused of. The ultimate form of stress, of course, is torture. However, using torture can actually elicit false confessions.

When the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, found himself under tremendous stress a couple of days ago; when it looked like he would lose his reelection bid; the confession came out. Netanyahu told the world – in direct opposition to what he has been saying for years – that he does not want peace with Palestine. He said that as long as he is Prime Minister of Israel, there will never be a two-state solution with Palestine.


(Tanka poetry form:  5/7/5/7/7)

A friend is the last

Person left when you find you’re

Abandoned–or you’ve

Cut the rest loose, for your own

Reasons sound and well-pondered.


The one tolerant

Soul who will listen to rants

And still stand by his

Word that you own a good heart–

Even if you’re a handful.


When you’ve got nothing

To give–lend, sell or borrow–

He shrugs, “That’s okay”.

Because it’s not what you have,

But Who time’s proved you to Be.

© Albatross-x, 2015

Is it time to let Israel stand on its own?

netanyahuOn March 3rd Prime Minister Benjamin, (Bibi), Netanyahu is going to address a joint session of Congress. He was invited by Speaker of the House John Boehner, (R-OH), without prior White House knowledge. This is an unprecedented breach of protocol. This has never occurred before in American history. When foreign leaders come to the U.S. to speak, it has always been handled through the White House.

Right now the Obama administration, through Secretary of State John Kerry, is in diplomatic talks with Iran over their nuclear program. There are many people, mostly on the political right, who do not want a diplomatic solution with Iran. They want to stop Iran’s nuclear program through war. This contingent also includes Bibi Netanyahu.


You loved them before, now the flighty Flavia and her neighbor Oliver are back!

Residential Home



Time waits for neither man nor beast, and there were changes in the lives of the inhabitants of the cul de sac. Flavia and Oliver, neighbors for more years than either could readily remember, were still planted in their houses on opposite sides of a modest hedge. But age was beginning to tell on them, in mostly good ways. Oliver, who’d had no desire to establish “neighbor relationships” when he first moved in, had mellowed nicely, in Flavia’s opinion. She was grateful, counted it a blessing—for she had eight years on Oliver, and was feeling the impact of her status as “senior citizen”.

The Conservatives’ racist Southern Strategy is complete

R is for racismWith the defeat of Senator Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, the goals of the racist strategy Conservatives first introduced in the late 1960s – known as the Southern Strategy – have been attained.

Right after the Civil War until the 1970s the Democrats held all of the high political offices in the South. The South turned to the Democrats because President Lincoln was a Republican and the South blames him for the Civil War or as people in the South saw it: The War of Northern Aggression. Democrats had all of the governorships, U.S Senate seats, and the House seats. The Republicans saw this and decided they wanted the South so they developed the “Southern Strategy.” (It wasn’t until around 2005 Conservatives and Republicans would even admit to enacting the Southern Strategy).

Send the Colts to the Super Bowl

Patriots Logo 3The NFL has said that 11 of the 12 balls the New England Patriots used during their win over the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday were deflated by 2 psi. Deflating the footballs is against the NFL’s rules because it gives the quarterback and his receivers an unfair advantage.

This isn’t the first time the New England Patriots have been caught cheating. In 2007 there was a cheating scandal dubbed as “Spy-gate.” The New England Patriots were caught illegally taping sideline defensive signals from New York Jets coaches during the teams’ opening week game. This way, they knew what defense was being called. Belichick, (Patriots head coach), had been doing this since 2000.