Republicans want a travel ban because of Ebola – does that include Texas?

texas mapRepublicans are calling for a travel ban from countries that have the Ebola virus in them. Their flawed logic says if you stop people from coming here from places that have Ebola, the risk to citizens of the United States will be lower.

First of all, there are NO direct flights from West Africa to here. Anyone coming from that area has to go through Europe to get here. If someone wanted to come here, it would be extremely easy to mask where his or her travels originated. It could be as easy as driving from a country with an Ebola outbreak to a neighboring country that doesn’t. Get on a plane there and voila! no one in the U.S. knows where you came from.

Republicans are making the Ebola crisis worse

Ebola-Virus-Pictures-4Republicans like Sen. John “bombs away” McCain and others have begun calling for an “Ebola Czar.” We don’t need a czar; we need the Republicans to put the country first instead of putting their ideology first.

America’s top doctor is the surgeon general. It is his or her responsibility to coordinate the response to an infectious breakout in America. During crises, like the one we are experiencing now with Ebola, the surgeon general is the “go to” person. It is the surgeon general that tells the general public what is going on. Without a surgeon general, what we have instead is a whole bunch of people telling us what is going on. This crisis is a very complex scientific event and the different nuances that different doctors might employ can and does confuse people. Confused people tend to panic more easily.

When Republicans win, Americans lose

rich-poorThe Republican Party and the Conservative Movement have only two motivations for their actions: 1) Serving large corporations and the Greedy Rich class; 2) getting elected and staying in power. Everything they do can be put into one of these two, or even both, of these categories.

Let’s take a look at the minimum wage debate:

Democrats want to raise the minimum wage so people who are working hard for a living do not have to live in poverty. In other words, Democrats think the American should be for everyone, not just the Greedy Rich class.

The impeachment circus is coming to DC

Speaker Boehner just realized he has zero control over his members

Speaker Boehner just realized that he has zero control over his House members

On June 25th Speaker of the House, John Boehner, (R-OH), announced he was going to sue President Obama because Boehner feels President Obama is issuing too many executive orders. When asked what, specifically he was suing the president over, Boehner said: “When I make that decision I will let you know.”

Speaker Boehner is suing the White House…again! *updated

Executive Orders_chart

UPDATE: Speaker John Boehner, (R-OH), was asked by a reporter at a press conference which specific executive orders he was suing the president over. His reply? “When I make that decision, I will let you know.” Speaker Boehner is suing the president except he has no idea why. Does anyone else see the huge problem here?

House Republicans have decided to sue the White House because of President Obama’s use of executive orders. The facts are that President Obama has issued less executive orders than any other modern president.

The Most Important Election in a Lifetime

Get involved The midterm elections coming up this November are the most important elections of my lifetime. Republicans have gridlocked Washington DC. The longer this Republican obstruction continues, the more damage will be done to our country.

There are three possible scenarios that could emerge after the election: 1) Maintain the status quo; 2) the Republicans take over the Senate and keep the House of Representatives; 3) the Republicans lose the House of Representatives and the Democrats keep the Senate.

1) Maintaining the status quo – The Republicans keep the House of Representatives and don’t take over the Senate: