The Greedy Rich have won the class war

greedy rich1The Greedy Rich have succeeded in buying the Republican Party and have used the Republicans to write legislation that have then allowed the Greedy Rich class to steal most of America’s money. The Greedy Rich have also succeeded in tilting the economic playing field so that the transfer of money from the poor and middle class will continue ad infinitum; or until Americans say enough. Will Americans stand up for their rights? And when?

The Republican’s ridiculous immigration position

my dreams are not illegal

The Senate passed a bipartisan bill almost two years ago. Speaker Boehner has refused, so far, to bring it to the floor of the House. All that needs to happen is for Boehner to bring that bill to the floor for a vote. The entire problem they are having would be solved.

However, if Boehner did that, the Republican Party would not be able to portray President Obama as; “lawless”, an “emperor” and “destroying the Constitution,” which is what the Republicans really want.

For being a computer program you aren’t that smart

While using Microsoft Word I find that some of the suggestions it makes regarding proper grammar structure are, to say the least, not actually proper. This morning I came across the mother of all Microsoft Word grammar mistakes. I am typing away when that green squiggly line appeared under the first sentence of a paragraph. Now, the sentence was grammatically incorrect, (it needed a couple of commas), however the suggestion given to me by Word was total gibberish:

Say what?

Say what?

The Republicans win and Mother Nature cries

mother nature crying

Tears of Mother Nature: The image of a crying face looming from an icy cliff wall was taken at the Svalbard archipelago in Norway

Meet the new Republican chairman of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee

Senator James Inhofe, climate change super-denier is first choice to be the next chairman of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee. This is the committee that is tasked with combating global climate change.

A little perspective on the Ebola crisis


Americans need to get a little perspective on the Ebola crisis. Out of 312 million people in this country, 9 have been treated for Ebola. Meanwhile, according to the CDC, the flu kills around 23,000 people per year in the U.S. Also it is important to note that Ebola has killed no one in the United States. Eric Duncan, the man who died in Texas; died because of the total incompetence by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. It was that hospital’s incompetence that killed Duncan, not the Ebola virus. The two nurses who contracted Ebola from Duncan were taken out of Texas and were cured.

Republicans want a travel ban because of Ebola – does that include Texas?

texas mapRepublicans are calling for a travel ban from countries that have the Ebola virus in them. Their flawed logic says if you stop people from coming here from places that have Ebola, the risk to citizens of the United States will be lower.

First of all, there are NO direct flights from West Africa to here. Anyone coming from that area has to go through Europe to get here. If someone wanted to come here, it would be extremely easy to mask where his or her travels originated. It could be as easy as driving from a country with an Ebola outbreak to a neighboring country that doesn’t. Get on a plane there and voila! no one in the U.S. knows where you came from.

Republicans are making the Ebola crisis worse

Ebola-Virus-Pictures-4Republicans like Sen. John “bombs away” McCain and others have begun calling for an “Ebola Czar.” We don’t need a czar; we need the Republicans to put the country first instead of putting their ideology first.

America’s top doctor is the surgeon general. It is his or her responsibility to coordinate the response to an infectious breakout in America. During crises, like the one we are experiencing now with Ebola, the surgeon general is the “go to” person. It is the surgeon general that tells the general public what is going on. Without a surgeon general, what we have instead is a whole bunch of people telling us what is going on. This crisis is a very complex scientific event and the different nuances that different doctors might employ can and does confuse people. Confused people tend to panic more easily.

When Republicans win, Americans lose

rich-poorThe Republican Party and the Conservative Movement have only two motivations for their actions: 1) Serving large corporations and the Greedy Rich class; 2) getting elected and staying in power. Everything they do can be put into one of these two, or even both, of these categories.

Let’s take a look at the minimum wage debate:

Democrats want to raise the minimum wage so people who are working hard for a living do not have to live in poverty. In other words, Democrats think the American should be for everyone, not just the Greedy Rich class.